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Basic shoe staples in any woman’s wardrobe includes a pair (or a number of pairs) of shoes that go with just about any type of outfit. Being a woman with a larger sized shoe fit has its limitations on the styles and sizes available from most name-brands. When shopping for shoes, not only is the size important, but also the quality of the shoe that is going to be worn for the office, a night on the town, or for a casual gathering. Finding shoes that encompass the right size and fit, style, and quality is not the easiest of tasks when the shoe size is larger than a size 10. And this info comes from first-hand knowledge.

It’s surprising to know - well, maybe not so surprising - that many of the name-brand shoes available do not realistically cater to women who have larger shoe size needs. The market is wide open to this specialty niche and we are happy to be able to cater to it with size, fit, comfort and quality all ingrained in our shoes.

To put on a size 10, 11, or 12 in a shoe designed by a coveted high-end brand such as Miu Miu or Louboutin, or a mid-brand like Jessica Simpson, sometimes feels like trying to squeeze on a size 8. Toes are crammed to a hurtful pinch, the strap doesn’t quite fit across the arch, or the shoe just doesn’t go on at all. Going one or two sizes up, if available (when are they ever available?) either feels like it’s too loose or still is not the right fit or comfortable.

Is this to say that luxury brands do not want to cater to the needs of fashion-sensible ladies who happen to need a size 11 on up? That is not our place to say, but we can say that our shoes are designed specifically for the purpose of giving high-quality larger sizes at an affordable price along with comfort and style.

Buying a cheap pair of shoes that will deteriorate by the third wear is not the route many of us need to take. We invite you to look into some of our classic styles such as the Adelia Pump that comes in patent leather, nude, and fuchsia, the Felicia pump or the well-known stylish flat, Graca, to cater to your wardrobe functionality.

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