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Who said shoes can’t be stylish and comfortable?

 Well, that’s the premise behind this line of timelessly large size classic pumps, booties and flats at Zofie Shoes. As a fashionista and career woman, it’s often hard to find the right pair of pumps that you can wear all day at the office and then out for the night.   It’s even harder when you have a foot size that is larger than a U.S. Size 10. I’ve had countless trips through the Nordstrom Shoe Salon drooling over the high-end pumps made by Gucci, Miu Miu, Valentino, Prada, Christian Louboutin, which are sometimes available in size 42 which is supposed to be the equivalent of a size 11 U.S. If they are available, one attempted slip into the shoe confirms that they were not made for someone with a larger foot. Perhaps, if my foot were narrow and more of 10.5 I could potentially squeeze in to one of these fabulously elegant pumps.

 One of the primary reasons for the fit of the shoe is the "shoe last." The shoe last is the mold and the overall basis for the toe shape, overall shape, fit and style of a shoe. They are also very native to the country of origin. Most of the high-end shoes made in Italy are made from Italian lasts. These are also representative of the end customer in that country. It’s no secret that many Italian females are petite and therefore have feet that require a more petit fit. That’s really the primary reason why all the high -end fashion pumps will never be a true fit for someone with a larger frame and larger foot. To even the playing field, I wanted to develop a high-end fashion shoe that was specifically designed for someone with a larger frame and foot. The line was designed in the U.S. and manufactured in a small exclusive factory in Brazil.

The Brazilian shoe last is designed to be comfortable and not painful. They make the shoe last approximately 1/3 of an inch larger in both width and length to ensure comfort. This is why when I first tried one of the many samples, I was surprised by the fact that the shoes just “FIT” without any unnecessary pain. If only I had been able to find and buy luxury shoes that actually felt good to wear, there would have been no need to start my line. The Zofie brand built upon this added comfort by tailoring the heel height to be between 2.75 and 3.25 inches in order maximize the comfort without sacrificing style. Most of the footwear experts in the industry agree that a 3 inch heel is the perfect height to both flatter a women’s figure and to ensure walkability and all day comfort.   And, it’s the ideal height for a tall girl who doesn’t necessarily want or need the 4 or 5 inch heel that is common among high-end pumps. Finally, a pair of pumps I can both feel and look glamorous in without the typically associated pain.

Compare the Zofie "Lucia" Pump @ $245 (100% Genuine Brazilian Leather including outer sole) Shop Lucia Now


VS. Jimmy Choo "Luna" at $675


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